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The Gamer’s Ghost

The Gamer’s Ghost is not some laboratory accident. He isn’t a diabolical being hell bent on world domination or destruction of the human race. He’s quite often misunderstood, as all he wants to do is game. From the moment he laid his hand on the controller of an NES to the moment he died… to the moment he came back from the Underworld, The Gamer’s Ghost has only wanted to find himself embedded in the gaming industry. To do so, he created The Spirit of Gaming, a gaming entertainment site that lets him connect with the community he so loves.

The Gamer’s Ghost likes to consider himself a “fair” gamer. One that will give any title the benefit of the doubt and at least a moment of his time. His real passion lies in Survival Horror, Paranormal Action, and other supernatural laced titles and genres. Often, you’ll find him lamenting over how he was left out of the cast of Alan Wake, secretly, and unashamedly, enjoying time with Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and really diving into story-heavy games.

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From the moment he could grip a controller, Uhfrank has been a gamer. He grew up in Canada’s capital city and has spent the first 15 years of gaming primarily with Nintendo where he learned to play for the fun and exploration, and eventually found his way to PlayStation where he learned to appreciate higher end experiences involving deeper stories and visuals. This has led him to become a passionate gamer where he views video games as interactive art rather than simply a form of entertainment. Also having developed a completionist complex in gaming, he not only plays his games as thoroughly as possible, he tries to play as many as possible too having to sacrifice and put aside any time for any other additional pass-times other than the occasional movie. Gaming will always be his life, even after death.


Amaranth is a British gamer who spends most of her time in Scotland after it became evident that disliking the taste of tea would mean she would never truly fit in in England. She is a full-time student and a full-time nerd. If she isn’t studying, Amaranth can be found playing Skyrim, watching Marvel films, or hunched over her laptop in a nest of cola cans and crisp packets watching Yogscast videos.

Amaranth has a half-Scottish, half-English heritage, which has resulted in her skin being so pale it burns under the light of a strong enough lamp.


I learned recently that games could provide an experience that films couldn’t, an interactive experience. For a long time movies were my first love, hour after hour, disc after disc. Classics both old and new gave me endless enjoyment but it’s only in games now, I seem to get the same rush. Living in the shoes of a character, living out each moment, investing myself into the characters standing all around me and no longer trapped behind the window-pane that is my television monitor. Games like Call of Duty and Payday 2 thrill me, others like To the Moon and Last of Us invest me.

I am a man, sacred to the ideal of “true narrative in the visual medium” and games are where its at.

Also I’m from Scotland and have a crumbling social life amidst my gaming addiction. I help out at Gamer’s Ghost and it gives me a way to express my love of gaming to the world in a way I never thought I could.


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