Nothing Satisfies Quite Like Fear

Well, it finally happened.

After a number of years of gaming, countless hours in a mix of shooters and adventure titles, I think I’ve hit a rather pivotal roadblock – nothing is holding my attention that much.

I’ve considered what the issue may be, questioned if maybe I was just “getting old,” contemplated if I’m not that much fun anymore, but then I look to my collection of Ghostbuster figures, POPs, and the myriad of other items of note I’m far too old for and scoff.

Then, one night, I got my answer….

It was a quiet February evening, the stars were sparkling in the clear Nevada sky and the Moon was full… maybe? It’s hard to tell with the blinds drawn, but it makes for a good mood setter. So, there I am, playing Battlefield 1, getting my rear handed to me as I expected. I’m having fun for the most part, but there’s an emptiness within me, so I pop in Metal Gear Solid V, a series that has never let me down.

Guess what? It let me down. That hollow feeling was still there. Good ‘ole Painful Snake or whatever isn’t doing it for me. He’s let me down. Call me Punished Ghostly. I switch games again: Alien: Isolation. I’ve been trying to beat it for three years now (damned Facehuggers) and say to myself “Tonight is the night.”

Turns out it wasn’t, but can you guess what happened? The emptiness was fulfilled. The jump scares, the tension, the dark atmosphere – that’s what I was missing. I always assumed after my years of doting on horror games, I’d desensitize myself. Quite the opposite, though. I’ve somehow gotten to a point where only horror games can fully satisfy me. I crave the feelings I get from playing them like

Sure, I enjoy the occasional non-horror title. Battlefield is as fun as it needs to be, Divinity: Original Sin satiates the occasional need for bulks of text and thought-provoking combat, and X-Com 2 reminds me to hate life, but only horror games can completely fill that void we gamers feel. I am, of course, assuming other gamers feel the same thing and I’m not just a screwball.

That emptiness, by the way? It’s probably none-to-dissimilar to the one you’ll feel after you realize you just read through my ramblings for no reason. I have no information or news to offer you – just… feelings.


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