Rise of Iron : We’ve Done This All Before

Eyes Up, Guardians!

With the release of the New Raid for Rise of Iron, Destiny’s latest expansion, I thought I’d pick up my shotgun, pull on the Gauntlets and delve back into the world I killed a God to defend.

destiny-rise-of-iron-localeSo you’re probably wondering, where are we this time? What grand threat could possibly remain after the defeat of Oryx and his Court? Well, my friends, the answer you seek is buried beneath your feet… at least if you live in the decimated ruins of Old Russia anyway.  Saladin, our Lord and Master of the Iron Banner, has come down from his lofty perch as an ancient threat from his past has awakened. SIVA, a golden age weapon of mass destruction which Saladin and the Iron Lords wanted to use to recreate a future for humanity, turned against them and decimated their numbers, forcing the sacrifice of the Iron Lords and the isolation that Saladin now lives in. 

Isolation is a feeling that I get from the new DLC story, whilst wandering the frozen wastes of the new PlagueLands and picking off the new Splicer Enemies one by one, I can’t help but feel like I’ve almost been “isolated” from anything new.  Sure, the new weapons and armor give a great incentive to return to the fight but when half of the content that you’re playing is stuff that you’ve already played starts to feel a little… old..

destiny-rise-of-iron-guardiansNow don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Destiny and I have done since day one.  It’s the sort of game that offers amazing conversation about sky high wins in the crucible or that one horrific defeat at the hands of a lowly dreg, but I can’t help but feel that we’ve done this so many times before.  Maybe I’m being super cynical and, to be honest, I’ve only played enough to finish the main story, but with the release of the raid on Friday my mind may be changed.  All will be revealed as we face The Wrath of the Machine…

For now, take up the light Guardians.  Fight the good fight and as always..



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