I Love Metal Gear Solid and I’m Okay with MG: Survive

I am prepared for the onslaught of tomatoes likely to be thrown in my direction just based on the title of this article alone – but it’s true. Metal Gear fans put the series on such a high pedestal that any deviation from the source material is viewed as a black mark, a cancer that will only serve to destroy all they’ve grown to love. A little dramatic, I think.

Is this what Legolas has been up to?

As the title states, I do love Metal Gear Solid. You’ll hear me talk about it time and time again as the video game that really got me involved in gaming, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of its flaws and quirks. Maybe I don’t love it as much as I used to, especially after The Phantom Pain and even Guns of the Patriots failed to match the caliber of the original trilogy. Sure, The Phantom Pain had some of the best gameplay of the series, but it further dissolved the story into a mess of canonical inaccuracies. As the series continued, it seemed Kojima was having difficulty keeping up with his own convoluted twists and turns. Or maybe was retelling the tale of Metal Gear from ancient texts that were incorrectly translated time and time again. Probably not the latter, I guess.

Before I get too far into why the recent round of Metal Gear-ing left me unfulfilled, let me get back to the point:

Metal Gear: Survive is not such an off-beat idea for a series that has featured a man that could secrete a pheromone to control bees, a villainous psychic, the tormented spirit of a fallen soldier, and most recently a military unit that consisted of parasite-infested super soldiers with mystical powers. So let’s be honest – the issue isn’t that Survive aims to include some off-the-wall monster. Metal Gear fans just don’t want to see their favorite drama added to the long list of zombie-medium.

The thing is the wormholes, the zombie-like creatures, and any other oddities that Konami plans to throw our way in Survive feel kind of right at home in the Metal Gear universe, especially since the wormhole was already a gameplay mechanic in The Phantom Pain. While I can agree that reusing Afghanistan maps for initial footage of the game before any real story details are released is a little lazy, I’m not ready to write it off completely just because of that.


As for the zombies? Mowing them down seems like it could be some fun in a co-op setting. Topped with base-building and defense, something I thoroughly enjoyed in Gears of War 3, I can get on board, especially at a lower price.

All I’m really saying is give it a chance. We’re all on a “hate Konami” kick, so it’s pretty reactive to immediately discredit anything they put out, but an open mind is not a terrible thing to have.

Am I alone in this? Probably, but as long as there are 3 other players with me, that’s enough to get a match going.





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